How to cancel your Museum Traveller account

Cancel Museum Traveller Subscription

To cancel your subscription, navigate to your Account and click on the "Manage Billing" option. Please be aware that signing out of your account does not automatically cancel it. You must use the provided link above to initiate the cancellation process.

We do not offer a refund, if you cancel before the end of your subscription, you can continue to access Museum Traveller through the end of you subscription period. To view your subscription end date, click here.

If you have any remaining balance on your gift card when cancelling your subscription, you will still have access to Museum Traveller until the balance is depleted. To check your subscription end date, click here.

When you cancel your subscription, your history remains active for 12 months. If you wish to restart your membership, you can log back into your account and choose a new subscription. Your history, where you left off, and other features will be retained from the time you cancelled your membership if within that time.

If you want to close your account completely, please contact us at

When you cancel your subscription, your billing cycle is stopped. We will not bill you unless you restart your subscription.